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Holly Silsby

Studying Game Management At Reaseheath

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Hi, I'm Holly and I am to study Level 3 Extended Diploma in Game Management at Reaseheath College, Nantwitch.


I am rather petrified because I don't know enough of this department but I have always been interested in it, and I am enthusiastic and keen to learn. I am also afraid that everybody on my course will be boys, and have way more knowledge than I do; making me seem dumb.


So has anybody done this course or a similar one, and what was your experience. Also any stuff that I should learn before going into the deep end, aka. something to impress the males and especially the tutors.


Thanks :bye:

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Hi Holly, welcome to the forum.


I did exactly the same course and finished 2 years ago (apart from I was at Hartpury in Gloucester). I am originally from Nantwich (with a few friends at Reaseheath) and it is a brilliant area to live in if you're going to be boarding.


I won't lie, it will be mostly, if not all boys, however Reaseheath has a huge equine department that would be very easy for you to meet female friends.


I would advise getting as much work experience as possible so you can apply you knowledge. Make sure you get onto an estate so that you can do some beating/work over the shooting season.


If you want to talk further, feel free to PM me on here and I can offer as much help as possible.


My final bit of advice would be to snap at all of the additional courses they can offer you (DSC1, Loadall ticket, chainsaw ticket, etc.). These will help alot.


Best of luck!



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