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Rigging A Quickset Net


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I've got 200 yards of sheet netting and want to rig it up as a quickset. I've put top and bott line in which is 100yrds long. I was wondering when you put your poles how to sett the bagging. When I set my 25 yard nets I counted to meshes and made the equal along but I'm guessing it's going to take an age to count 200 yards worth of meshes. Any advice welcome.




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Easiest way is to string the net up by one of the strings going through the selvedges, then count 90 meshes and tie a piece of string on a selvedge that equals 5 yards of net and that is where you want to place your pole. If you wish to have wider pole settings surmising that the net is 4" mesh then multiply the number of yards you want the poles set at by 18 and count that amount of meshes and mark. All you have to do then is mark the running lines to the corresponding spaces you want, and your ready to set the net up.


You can find an easy way of making the net here.





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