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Best Dog For Ferreting

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My best ever was a terrier the main reason was he could enter any cover and track the rabbit till it went to ground. So once he scented a rabbit it was game on .

Obviously wouldn't catch a rabbit on the run but that didn't matter. A lurcher physically just can't enter the same cover but they have there own advantages and this day and age with badgers every where a lurcher for me would be the way to go.


and here he is







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collie lurcher cross greyhound whippet line bred were the best ive saw and had , bolting rabbs etc they were pretty dynamite , most lurchers do well but if your not netting or going on you own a lot you need a good dog with a touch of collie and racing grew something that gets the job done quick and retrteives fast ,but most dog will ferret but good ones are fast agile and got a good attention span ,

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I personally think somthing whippety little spash of collie or beddy... If its just ferreting your after,

But most x's will if entered right I think its more to do personally with types you get on better yourself, maybe just source a pup out of working ferreting parents would be a start maybe more that exact cross or crosses. .....

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Although there are various elements to consider...like nose, concentration span, willingness to work cover, ability to catch bolters...not everybody will necessarily be after the same ones. E.g. some people aren't bothered about the dog working cover as they may feel that this reduces the chances of it being on the outside in case of a bolt. Conversely, some may not be too fussed about speed because either they're relying on the nets or the nature of their ground means any bolters will only go a few yards.


Personally, my list would include all of the above but the one thing I'd never compromise on is temperament...not everyone would agree, but...if we were talking extremes...I'd rather have a fruitless day with a dog I like than a shoulder-straining-bag-full-of-rabbits-day with one I didn't.

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