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I'd ask my local gunshop, any decent gunshop should have a gunsmith they use regularly or even works there

In Fife that's the problem ..... that's why I am asking, gun shop's have turning into fishing only ,, I asked in fife fieldsports in Kirkcaldy which used to be a gunshop and got a shrugged shoulder ,,, :huh::huh:

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how bent is bent .you may have just move that barrel clamp thing , at the end of the air cylinder that is held by a few allen screws. just loosen the allen screws and adjust the clamp so as the barrel is straight or if the barrel is bent a little you may be able to as an emergence fix stop gap that may be ok .use the clap the force the barrel to appear straight and tighten it in that position .your gun may still shoot fine when a pellet leaves a bent barrel it still flies straight .

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