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Police Cctv Choppers

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At the shop and come out to see a drone looking toy thing flying about. Was looking to see if it there was a kid playing with it but couldn't see one. Little sister said her mate told her its the police lol. She talking out her arse or the coppers flying these things around? Big brother or what lol. Surely already enough CCTV that they don't need to fly these unless they are being used to catch a certain type of crime.

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They are just expensive toys mate. capable of filming. It'll be someone flying it remotely from a couple of hundred meter's away. Nowt to worry about. They've been on the market a while now. :thumbs:

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Not worried as I do nothing wrong lol just wasnt sure if it was a kid talking playground rumours or she's more clued up than me. Using em to bring drugs into the nick lol way a criminals mind works is funny. Know some right thick twats but they actually make alright criminals lol.

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It is easy to be mesmerised by the footage of the floods shot by the drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), of the major news organisations. The seductive close-up insight into the private grief of the many King Canutes is hard to turn away from. It is surprising that no disgruntled farmer has yet taken a shot at one of the UAVs.


Yet these drones are flying into an area of the law that is confused and complex, and a debate about UAVs that has barely got started in the UK. It is a debate that is only going to increase in intensity as the numbers of drones licensed for commercial flights by the nation's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which regulates the use of unmanned flying aircraft, shoots up -- from 30 in January 2013 to more than 300 today -- and as the popularity of DIY drones sold over the counter grows.


Sooner or later there will inevitably be a case when the privacy of a celebrity is invaded, a drone crashes and kills someone, or a householder takes the law into their own hands and shoots a drone down

In the USA, the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) road map to the integration of drones by the self-imposed deadline of 2015 has caught the imagination of some Americans and had others reaching for their guns and the ballot box so they can have the right to shoot down these unmanned planes.


According to the CAA's spokesperson Richard Taylor, the number of complaints about drones in the UK is actually only in "double figures". However, its limited resources already mean that it has to trust the drone operators to stay within the regulations, and then is left to try to identify those who don't by looking at pictures sent in by the public and footage posted online. Taylor admits that "it is not easy to work out whether they are breaking the law from YouTube".


Neither has there yet been a test case in the UK to see whether laws relating to trespassing and harassment, designed to deal with peeping toms or broken greenhouses in suburbia, can really regulate this 21st-century technology or whether we need a comprehensive "Drone Law". Sooner or later there will inevitably be a case when the privacy of a celebrity is invaded, a drone crashes and kills someone, or a householder takes the law into their own hands and shoots a drone down.


In the USA the first ever test case to do with the regulation of domestic drones is currently going through the courts. It revolves around the sticky issue of what is commercial activity (and therefore much more heavily regulated) and what's not: drone artist Raphael Pirker believes that his videos shot from drones are art; the FAA seems to disagree.


Has it been tested in a court of law if these clowns are braking laws recording and using these as evidence , I believe a very good brief should be able to pull them apart in any court

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Had a google and wasnt the canna chopper mate. I thought it was just a cool kids toy to be honest. Just wondered what are they supposed to be looking for when using them that CCTV doesn't already capture. Real criminals are running the country anyway their not out on the streets. Suppose foot soliders make numbers look good.

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