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What Variety Do Your Dogs Get?

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I feed my dogs raw meats, and they are getting alot of variety at the minute. I started off on minces, and try and add chunks and things in for them.


they have mince wise, tripe, beef, pork, lamb, pheasant, game, venison turkey, duck.. they get whole lamb hearts and chicken hearts, as well as chunks of rabbit. they get bone wise chicken necks, chicken carcass, chicken feet, veal necks etc. They have had pig trotters as well but they didnt go down too well! And do really well on raw food.


I switched all my dogs 3 years ago now and they're doing brilliantly. It costs me less to feed them raw than it does on dry commercial that i would feed so i cant complain!

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i buy mine from a supplier called Manifold Valley Meats. Theyre reasonably priced and the quality is brilliant. Not many butchers here for me to use unofrtunately! I'd love to get carcasses and things cheaper.

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