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Thl Merchandise Store.

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To help with the running costs of the forum and any expansions onto Apps or wherever technology may take us, I think the help of THL should sell merchandise to help raise funds as well as members being able to wear a shirt/cap/badge in honour of their favourite forum ;)


I'm pretty adamant we should keep up with other forums, in that there forums out there with their own apps on the Android, Apple and windows market, FREE.

There are also forums managing to maintain and improve their forums to modern specs or features due to such funding.


On the other half of it, there plenty of places I go and people I talk to about THL and having something to show, be that a lapel pin or maybe a patch sewn onto my gunbag could help raise awareness of the forum and I'd be pleased to show them what I'm part of.


I'm just throwing ideas out here, nothing has to be to how I've said it but that's what 'Site Suggestions' is about, right? ;)



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But they're simply products purchased cheaper in the classifieds or on other competing net stores.

Why not produce some shirts, hats and badges with THL name on and that gain more profit than selling branded goods?


I think a t-shirt in a range of colours, camos and sizes would be something that could catch on as well as come in practical in the sports too.

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