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Is "against Corvid Traps" Breaking The Law?

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I was just scanning online for ways to catch the first call bird, when this caught my eye. Is www.againstcorvidtraps.co.uk persuading people to trespass on estates seeking for larsen traps? It may just be me but I thought it looked as though the website is condoning trespass and going into shooting grounds to seek the traps? Could someone share their view on this please? Thanks


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"On rare occasions they can be found in private gardens where some people mistakenly believe trapping magpies will prevent predation on garden birds' eggs and young" they have no grip on the reality that magpies mainly eat other birds' offspring.

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Trespass is not a criminal offence.


The authorities are aware of websites like that (and others) and do nothing.


If trapping was a religion they'd be kicking doors in left right and centre. Sadly, we are an unrecognised minority.

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At he end of the day these things have to be controlled,and one live trap is the same as another as in you don't see them complaining about live catch rat traps,/mouse traps,They are at war with us, and will attack every thing we do in every way they can,tormented by there own emotion's,unable to rationalize why we can't see things there way,Larsen traps are an important method of vermin control,and every effort is made by the trapper to provide for the welfare of the call bird, what could be better,they need to get on with there own lives and move on from what they think is cruel,and understand nature is a lot more cruel,when I moved here I remember saying to the other half there's no magpies, you were hard pressed to find one,now we have Larsen traps set every year and there's loads of the bloody things,at one time every one controlled magpies,where I came from now people on the small shoots just seem to focus more on the game shooting,and neglect the vermin control,they rent land miles away from there home where they can find it, which makes the job of vermin control ten times harder, so every one around them is playing catch up trying to soak up what they are not catching, then you get T**Ts like these roaming through your ground looking for any reason they can find to call plod,then they can go home and cry to everyone trying to get sympathy,and a pat on the back from fellow anti's

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