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a mate came to see me today with this milbro hes found in his dads shed. had a look on the net and its a milbro mk1 i think so its old and definetly original. anyway he wants me to band it up for him when im out and better but he left it with me anyway. so i cadged some bands from the nurse thats used for taking blood. bit some thread of one of the blankets for the pouch knots. then attatched a pouch i had left from when i banded the gypsy catty up. the bands are quite pokey actually and i recon doubled up they would take pigeons with headshots. midget gems fire fast as f**k put of them lol



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i really like the milbro frame. i thought they would be crap to hold with it being so thin but its actually pretty good. think im gonna get one and modernise it lol. plus the mate that droped it of happened to mention hes friends with a bloke thats got a plasma cutter and hes willing to do me some catties out of some thick ally for cheap so will be taking him up on that when im out

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