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Boar Hunting

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reading between the lines a few pist of people.

Seems like. But bad experiences may bring development! :thumbs:



I am sorry that this time ULG couldn't come for a good boar hunt due to unforeseen circumstances, but I can report, that the hunting season in Hungary went great again, here are some pics of yesterday's hunt.


30 wild animals were driven to guns by (33) people and (14) dogs yesterday. Deers, moufflons, 1 fox, but mostly wild boars of all gender and age.



Hope for next season. :thumbs:





Looks like you had another cracking day there Anna. I'm really pleased that your terrier is coming on well.


I'll arrange a date with you next season to make sure I have some time off from work.



Oh, yes, defenetely! And these were only the pics of the last boar hunt, also previous ones were good enough! :)

Thank you, I am also very happy for him, I even got many good feedbacks from hunters - both local and guest hunters! :) So he has surely took his fair amount of work. :boogy:


I count with you and count on you for next season, ULG! :) Bring the missus, we'll put her to a thermal spa while we work! :thumbs:




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Its my first chance to get online since getting back from Spain. I can only echo what has already been said - great experience, great company, totally different terrain and a massive learning curve. Would've been great to catch but getting to hunt a few was nearly as good. Roll on the next trip!

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we should have put a donk on it that would have sorted things out.

Lee tried to pm you but it's saying you cannot receive messages.Does you're inbox need emptying.

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Thought id bump this thread after reading some interest on new posts.

Anything new planned for the autumn onwards?

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