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Scortcher And Theses 2 Were Still Sleeping Haha (Just Pics)

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Funny that,,,I will only ever use straw or hay,,,don't like just shavings as bedding,,,use shavings in the run,,,tried paper as bedding not keen on that either,,,,


Hay or straw for me

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It's just always being about farms you can pick up a bale of hay or straw and I used to do it ,but it's no treated like the dear pet shop stuff , so I prefer bedding them down in shavings and come the winter put even more in the sleeping area , and it's no to bulky to dispose of either .

They must be too warm just now with it there sleeping in the run

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I've always used straw as bedding, and never had a problem. Straw is fairly inert and shouldn't harbour any pests. Use barley straw as it's softer and more comfortable than wheat straw. Don't buy it from a pet shop, get it from an agricultural store or an animal feed place. A full bale is less than a fiver. Hay is too dusty and does harbour mites. Shredded paper is also quite dusty and it makes your cage look like a rubbish tip. Use course sawdust for the toilet end of the cage as it's quite absorbent. Sorry for harping on about bedding etc, I guess I've got a hygene fetish!

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