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Ian Jessup

Shootgun Reloading

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In all honesty, unless you're a wildfowler loading heavy non-toxic shells, it's really not worth the expense.


The wealth of components for shotgun reloading is not as great as it is for rifles and 1lb of powder won't go a long way in shotgun shells because of the volumes involved which means more trips to the gun shop who may or may not have that powder in stock which means you start all over again.

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It helps if you can bulk buy. There are 3 of us and we buy powder in tubs of 20 kilo / primers we buy 9.000 at a time / wads we get 15.000 a time and we make our own shot size 6 and 7 and get the lead from mates so very little cost if any..


costs us just under £100 per 1,000 thats less than half price for some cartridges. You can always get good discounts with bulk buying.. :laugh::boogy::boogy:

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I bought a Lee Load-all in America for about £30.00, and started loading up shotshells just because I 'could'.

It's not really worthwhile costwise but I'm a keen (3 calibre) rifle reloader so had the main facilities in my workshop

plus a few years experience, I am working round to making birdshot from scrap lead, but I suppose from that the main

reason if there was ever a lead shot ban it wouldn't apply to me would it?


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Hi all, I'm new to this but want to start loading shotgun cartridges mainly for fun but also to save cash wildfowling. A few questions someone might be able to help me with:

I've been looking at Lee Load-alls on Ebay and down in Folkestone, any other suppliers in East Anglia?

I can only find Lowdens online to supply a bismuth-tin mix, again anyone got any cheap sources? Just like everyone else I'd like something like our yank cousins and use old wheel weights.......

Has anyone built/made a Littleton style shotmaker successfully, if so any tips?

Cheers :-)

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