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Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

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couple more of ours     first pic sire and dam in middle with 2 pups either side second pic mother middle pups either side

fell/russell/beagle/bull... . are some folk trying to reinvent the wheel.            

Old pic I have .1980 ish 

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Bryan I woulf of thought they would be worse than a whippit and worse than a terrier so whats the point of mixing em?

they make a very handy little lurcher I've seen one a bloke from medway has one its.a demon on reddit like it more than the traditional beddy whippet
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Ahh just read the guys post its Staff x Whippet, but I still like it, thought it was out of a wheeler patt.

1st x staff x whippet.

I thought that head was a bit big, I still think a good staff or bull cross whippet makes a decent knock about dog, OK slow, but a handy enough dog for knocking about the farm.


the ones I seen wernt slow
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Would u go for a whippet dam or patterdale dam or dose it not matter?

shouldn't mater either used as dam shouldn't have a problem birthing the pups as long As if patt is sire it head aint one of those massive bull headed ones needless to say both need to be workers Edited by leethedog
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Guest foxpack

Mate bred sum spaniel x lurchers mistake line.gave pups away.1 is suppose to be a legend at marshes finding rabbits .marks to ground.and works a long side his hawk..he is gona Line it with a beddyx whippet to fetch size down a bit.think the bitch stands at 23 inches

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I think a patt x whippet would make a really useful bushing/ferreting/ratting dog. My three quarter terrier, quarter whippet, who has a bit of patterdale in her, is very quick for her size and is great for ferreting hedgerows. She works in the middle of the hedge and often puts enough pressure on bolters that they leave the safety of the hedge where the lurcher has a chance at them. And she's only quarter whippet - a half cross ought to be faster still (though possibly disadvantaged in tight spaces by being a bit taller?)

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