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Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

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couple more of ours     first pic sire and dam in middle with 2 pups either side second pic mother middle pups either side

Old pic I have .1980 ish 

fell/russell/beagle/bull... . are some folk trying to reinvent the wheel.            

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On 01/11/2019 at 19:08, eastcoast said:

A very nice photograph of a cracking stamp of terriers. The dog on the extreme left in particular. Hound ears, linty coat, crooked legs and a strong jaw. Ugly I suppose by present standards, no, not ugly. Full of character and fit for purpose. I find it a little ironic that this type lost favour but Teckles, a physically very similar type seems to be gaining popularity. Not sure what the German dog can do that the working Sealyham could not. Maybe availability, a Catch 22 situation, not much working Sealyham blood around so they are not being worked, not being worked and so the blood available becomes less as the years pass. Anyway, thank you for sharing the photograph.

does hp still breed the sealyhams my mrs wanted one a few year ago after seeing them in a magazine i contacted hp haha christ 2 and a half grand for a pup and a waiting list.... 

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9 hours ago, jackthelad said:

does hp still breed the sealyhams my mrs wanted one a few year ago after seeing them in a magazine i contacted hp haha christ 2 and a half grand for a pup and a waiting list.... 

I do not know HP but I am aware of him same as yourself I suppose, through the write ups (free advertising? ) in the feildsport press. £2.5K for a pup does seem extreme. Playing devil's advocate, is he spending time, which is money, on trying to establish a healthy working "type" of Sealyham Terrier? Are surplus pups produced during this process offered to "outsiders" at a price to deter messers or opportunists? I know from personal experience that when surplus pups that very rarely become available to an outsider the initial quoted price is not the actual price. By the time pups were born and checks were made on progress over weeks the cash was handed over  almost all of it was given back.

Or is it a cash cow? Some Sealyham x Russells on Pets4homes being offered at £600 at present. 

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11 hours ago, Gilbey said:

HP was on a program about country life magazine, he said all sorts of people from all over were offering him silly money for his pups after they were in/on the mag??? Words to that effect anyway

thats problably where my mrs saw them ...she phone another boy in wales sealyham russels 1000 pound she asked were they out of workers the guy said to her he works the russel but the sealyhams to valuable to work 

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On 30/11/2019 at 22:38, Elchapo said:

That the 3/4 spaniel 1/4 Terrier ? Not seen it in a good while , do you find that the 3/4 spaniel is the right mix ? 

ive found this bitch perfect for bushing her father was a good dog in his own right mother was very good at everything for rabbiting so i like 3/4 spaniel x terrier the hole litter come good 

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