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Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

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couple more of ours     first pic sire and dam in middle with 2 pups either side second pic mother middle pups either side

Old pic I have .1980 ish 

fell/russell/beagle/bull... . are some folk trying to reinvent the wheel.            

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I kept trying mine too young, won't do it again, the two terriers in the pics are a shade over 1yr and the lurcher is only 7 months. The lurcher is along for a jolly, she pays attention when it's exciting and plays about when she wants


Give them plenty of time over the summer, if it is only 7 acres you'll work it to death quickly. Try finding some canal banks abandoned railway etc with a few odds and sods on to let them have a practice, at least that's what I did :thumbs: Hours of fun without worrying about ruining your own ground too much.

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Cheers Leethedog,


She was sold as a plummer terrier from Cambridge way, I think there is a fair bit of Plummer in there but I don't know about the rest. Solid bitch 14.5" TTS, she is quite slow to develop mentally compared to her sister (the white and brown one) but I think she'll come good for next season.

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There are some woods I walk. They're full of squirrels. There are a few beagle owners that walk there. You know they are coming because you hear that and you know who they are because they are walking with a lead and bo dog

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Nuice video willow. I can 't seem to get that bit on camera!


Mine only yip when they are tight behind a rabbit. You have to gauge it on the speed of the noise they make through cover.

ive took hours of film its if your lucky missed loads but its fun on there own there quieter :thumbs:

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I just tried to film my pairs reaction to that noise. They were bouncing round the room.


I'll get a couple of videos. Just missed the deer slinking out of cover out of site of the dogs yesterday. Would have made a nice shot.

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How do u rate the spaniel x terrier on fox and rabbits? Thanks mate atb



there bushing dogs so whats in the cover comes out deer fox rabbits birds and theres no cover they wont work you have to learn how they work different to other breds they have taught me alot first one i had was over 30 years ago it opened my eyes :thumbs:

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