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Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

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couple more of ours     first pic sire and dam in middle with 2 pups either side second pic mother middle pups either side

fell/russell/beagle/bull... . are some folk trying to reinvent the wheel.            

Old pic I have .1980 ish 

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10 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

Why the question mark??? You obviously know what cross it is:rofl: give yaself a pat on back for pretending to guess right tho:laugh:

I don’t actualy as it might not be hence why question mark I’m sure he knows plenty of guys with hound to get a pup from so it migh not be  ..however if it’s not I’ll be so upset so could you please give me a pat dotty 

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Just now, W. Katchum said:

Sorry I only pat me dogs for doing well an me missus when her head in me lap😂 you wanna our yer head in me lap for pat 😖😍😬😂

I’ve seen you,you couldn’t pay me put my head in your lap 😂😂

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Just now, W. Katchum said:

What a pretend pic like ye pretended ye didn’t know pups cross?😂😂

Hahaha . Where have you got that I pretended I don’t know what breed the pup is ? I put welshound x beagle ? As if it is then I no the  parents it’s off if it is then I don’t ...

and as far the pic it was the  one you sent gaz  when you were begging him come up for a day out with you 


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1 minute ago, W. Katchum said:

I genuinely don’t know whether be flattered or worried that you would even look at pics of me,  :rofl:iv never put any online so you must have trawled to find them, or be passing them about your friends for your wank bank:bad: or your pretending 😂

Yea defo saved it for me wank bank ..

cant resist a man in flip flops 

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Just now, W. Katchum said:

Deffo pretending 😂 I’d never lower meself to wear Arab attire on me feet I’m a crocs kinda guy:rofl:

Arhhh man are you saying that that pic not really you ? I’m proper f***ing gutted .i been ripping the head off it over that pic thinking it was the hunting life legended dotty doo


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Just now, W. Katchum said:

Now you know what iv got I’ll stick a pic upnan ye can pretend to guess what breed it is:rofl: 

Mate if that’s what floats your boat then fill your boots lol 

f***ing hell don you must be proper bored tonight if only excitement you got is making out I tried guessing a pups breeding lol ...get off the buck fast lol 

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Hahahaha what a plank you are .. how do you no I no what dog it is, AT and I have a mutual friend he bred some welshound beagle pups but I don’t know who he’d gifted them to as not spoke to him for acouple of weekso I wasn’t sure if it was out of that litter ...it might not be ..and if it isn’t then obviously I didn’t no what dog it was lol 


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