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Air Arms 2-4-1 Offer On A Daystate

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Bought an airwolf recently and fallen for it , I love the trigger and everything about it so I'm wanting another electronic daystate in .177 for hft purposes as the wolf is a .22 and hunting rifle



got an early mk3 tx200hc with the mk2 stock, coming This Saturday its in pristine condition , mate bought it, shot a few off and put it under his bed..


I've also got a 1 month old s200 mk3 with custom welsh flag bolt and standard.




Value these easily over £600 for the pair , I will include a double gun bag , may add the scopes depending on gun and if you have a tidy scope. Both .22




Preference looking to swap for a daystate mk3 with electronic trigger,




or another airwolf. Depending on model extra cash




Alternatively a mk4 with a small funding boost from me ..




The gun on offer must be a .177 or .20,




I'm in south Wales and this stuff won't be ready till Next week really, im also in plaster at the moment so can't drive so collection would need to be from you.






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