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Hunting With Falcons And Sighthounds?


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More chance The Falcon will hurts the dog pal, you need a dog that can course a hare and is bidable with hawks falcons, the bird must be able to trust the dog and this shows when they dip thier heads too eat in front of the dog, the falcon must be extremely focused on hare and rabbit, that is all they should eat, fly hard on lure and finish with slips too dragged carcass, big rewards for improving effort, you loose flying days due too weight issues, but cos the quarry big and effort to secure massive and risky reward must be equal or greater, hare birds must not know failure, every session must end on hare kill or carcass lure failing kill, dogs ensure plenty kills, most chases end in frustration , small percentage in kills, dog must give hares it catches up too bird or trouble starts, you only get short season as feather damage is inevitable, imping rarely holds up either, good dog makes it much easier, not a game for pups,

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Theres a bloke called paul sagar type his name in google he used or still dose fly his birds with salukis some good vids he had a saluki called scoot sagarssalukiandfalcons.com it might be that try it

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I have caught hundreds of hares with falcons and sighthounds as Articgun said there is more danger to the dogs if the falcon gets pissed off. The only time I have have had birds killed or injured it has been due to coyotes attacking the birds on kills when the dogs werent present.


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