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The £60,000 Puppy.

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I thought for a minute KC had bred his bitch to Lucas :laugh:

If some unscrupulous person could clone them dogs and make a few quid of the pups for years to come😄. Imagine someone having a Toby/Hoover or a Smithy clone or whatever named dog they wanted ?
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Surely part of being into working dogs is the skill of breeding a good line, and entering the pups, well I guess times change, but I dont think many will go down the route of cloning, no matter how good the individual dog.

I agree plus £60,000 would be to much for most normal working men's pockets.
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Its a competition between pet dogs.


you'd think they'd use an exceptional guide dog,police dog or herding dog etc

Something actually worth breeding from.

They are cloning police dogs and have been for a while.


Cut and paste from the link I put up.


Since then Hwang claims to have successfully cloned at least 400 canines from around the world. Sooam Biotech offers dog cloning commercially, and clones police dogs for the South Korean government, as well as pets for rich owners (mostly from the US).


The name given to the cloned Korean working dogs is Toppy, which stands for Tomorrow's Puppy. Cloning police dogs makes more sense than you’d think. Only 10-15% of dogs are genetically predisposed to being effective detection dogs, so the chances of a Toppy being successfully trained are much higher than those of dogs bred naturally.



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