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Christ knows but Sacs, basc etc are running the courses i asked why they didn't fight it being brought in but was told it would cost too much


As usual Scotlands the guinea pig but you will follow :hmm:

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I done the course last year through the SGA you get a certificate on completion you take the cert to your local police station pay 20 pound then you get your own niumber just like you get with your larsens although with the crow traps you need a number for every county .....you have to tag every snare ...stay with in the law which is easy and keep a diary .

Tiercel its not a course on how to set a snare its a course on how to set a snare with in the law

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Aye but doing the course means feck all . I was ferreting a in field of sheep last week and the guy had set snares in there then in the next field was a snare with a mummified rabbit , The only thing is its easier to identify these cowboys as there numbers on the snare

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