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Ppu Ammo Stockists In West Of Scotland

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Nicely done! Your grouping is better than your drawing skills :tongue2:


How did the moss hold up as a makeshift bipod? I've been known to use a hoodie all rolled up and tucked into the hood to make a softish lump to rest on. Still can't bring myself to spend £90 on a Harris bipod and I'm unsure that any others would hold up well enough.


Time to crack out the PPUs and see if they float your boat as much!

Haha I left the house forgetting to print a target to pin to the board and had to improvise with the pencil in the car! :-/


Funny you say that, I folded my padded jacket and laid in top of the moss mound and the only thing wrong was my heavy shaky breathing... I've ordered a stick for future adventures, the bipod doesn't really appeal much to me.

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Excellent improvisation. I'm forever kicking myself that I've forgotten something when I get down to the farm so I started carrying it all in the back of my car all the time (guns and ammo aside).


If you're feeling creative then I can recommend a set of 'Monkey Sticks' that will cost about £14 and 30 minutes of your time. Solid platform but less handy for rapid positioning than a set of bipod sticks. Worth a look on the Stalking Directory to see if they're something you could benefit from. I have both types - the monkey sticks for stalking and a variable height bipod style shooting sticks (sitting and standing) for vermin style shooting.

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Almost any ammo is suitable for a bit of zeroing and breaking in a new rifle.


After that you need to try a few and find what works best for the rifle and quarry.


Zero should be checked for any change of ammo, or indeed any batch change of the same ammo to be sure!


PPU works well enough for me in all field conditions in .223/.243/.308! :thumbs:

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