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Old School Russells

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A warm ride home after a long wet day

1st dig to him yesterday in just over a year,didn't think I would be digging him again.

I go on about this sort of thing to my kids all the time. I walk around my old council estate now and see nothing but shite, un kept gardens, rubbish everywhere and just no pride. When I grew up every

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Had to have this one pts about 3 months back,rip Stella , not my best digging dog but the best all rounder I've ever had she could find fox in the most unlikely places an she self entered at 9 months old, got her sister here an she was nearly 2 befor she started.


Sister to the one above, last 4 foxes she's had two bolted and were shot an two were dead when I got down to her, she only bays now if she can't get up to her fox.


Pups , dog an bitch about 8 months old.


Very nice nick ;)

A type we used to keep 30 years ago,and which could be asked to do a job every other day if needed.I have one little bitch here now very similar but totally different blood.

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i have owned various types of terrier over the years,from all over the country some good some bad,some iron hard some real soft,but my heart lies with a good working jack russell not the little snivelers you see

pretending to be a russell down at the corner shop.

i only use them for bolting foxes which they do most times without a nip,very very occasionally you get a bit of a dig.the russell in the snow is a before and after photo.




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