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Old School Russells

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A warm ride home after a long wet day

1st dig to him yesterday in just over a year,didn't think I would be digging him again.

I go on about this sort of thing to my kids all the time. I walk around my old council estate now and see nothing but shite, un kept gardens, rubbish everywhere and just no pride. When I grew up every

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An older dog I have been reliable,if not over worked29910DSC01204.JPG

Was a bit difficult early on if quarry wouldn't face him but come Good later on

Probably not old school in some eyes but a white dog to me all the same



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Ginny, your dog gets my vote in the 'which terrier you would like to have in your kennels 2013/14'! :yes:


But, anyone with any more of those ugly barrel chested, long backed, bent legged tykes....?

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Apparently abit of EBT way back in him. He's not let me down, just lacks a few brain cells haha.

nice dog. thinking on that way myself. how old is he.




He will be 4 and a bit I wouldn't mind a pup out of him but there's no decent Russell bitches round me most prefer there black dogs. I might buy a bitch pup in from working stock and take it from there but talking years down the line from there.

theres your answer stick him over one of alis bitchs ---- he could be 7/8 before you`ve proved a bitch from a pup

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