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Nail Clipping

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If you're not sure how much to clip, go easy. Try getting butter, just a blob, smear it on the top of the hutch, let them lick it while you cut their nails. They love it will let you sort all their nails without wriggling or trying to get away

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Butter? For a lactose intolerant animal? Hmmmmm

a small amount of butter, not a kilo.


And before you call the RSPCA with tears in your eyes, I am not sure how lactose intolerant they actually are, bearing in mind it wasnt many decades back before our understanding of nutrition and animal welfare improved. many of them were still being fed mostly on bred soaked in milk

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Dont think it would do any harm, if you were only using a small blob, when nail trimming, a lot different to adding to food, its just common sense.

This was my point, Their nails need cutting once, maybe twice a year through the summer. Its hardly a daily food supplement

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