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Stolen Fly Gear

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Hi Guys

Last week I had all my fly gear stolen by some

scum b#####ds.

I had over 1000 flies with patterns that I had built

up over 50 years.

It was all TOP gear ,the Reels were Shimano Biotec which are

uncommon .

These scumbags couldn't get through the door of my

garage so they smashed through the wall and a locked steel

cabinet to get to the gear

If any one gets offered gear in the S Wales area I would appreciate a shout.


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Possible someone you know it sounds like they kne

w what they wanted. Good luck in getting it back pal

Thats the first thing I thought, seems like they went through a lot of trouble for an unknown quantity. I`d be looking real close to home. Any neighbourhood kids go fishing, you taken a nipper under your wing lately?

Either way, bunch of b*****ds. Hope you get it back or at least hope your insured bud. Ive not done a lot the past two seasons but I still cant bring myself to put my kit in the shed. Feck, I even keep my crappy power tools in the cupboard under the stairs...

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Thanks guys

I got turned over about 6 years ago so I reinforced the door

And locked it in a steel cabinet so I thought that would be secure

I believe the bas####s that did it then came back.

Luckily I am insured but I can't replace the flies and special

patterns that I built up over the years.


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