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Wanting To Vasectomise/chip My Hobs- West Mids.

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Wondering if anyone could help me at all.

I have two hobs coming up to 1 years of age and I'm wanting to get them snipped. I'm just wondering if there's anywhere you can take them to have it done: commercialised or private and where in the west mids?

I've been told you can get them implants too, like what we have as contraception (the coil?), is this any better overall?


Also, what are the pros and cons from either operation?

I've heard it's all benefits reg moods and scents but I haven't been told of any cons?



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If you have em vasectomised they'll still smell and behave exactly like entire hobs but will just fire blanks as johnrthrfrd says. Having em castrated will completely get rid of the smell and make them more docile and, in theory, able to get on with all other ferrets without any sort of aggression.


The downside of having either done is that there's no going back. If, in a few years, you realise that one of them's a superb worker and you really want to use him to keep your line going, you're stuffed. I speak from experience!

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Thanks guys, I think I'll go for the castration as they do smell a bit and leave their scent over house and I do like having them indoors- especially with the weather as of late.


I think as much as I love them anyway and even if they were to make good workers, the misses would kill me if I had more! Hahaha



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not sure were you in realation to these vets but if you have one of these vets local(or sometimes even worth the drive if a lot cheaper than your local vet) i use the one reading for all my spays and neuters and know a few people who have vasectomys done as well, all prices are each pratices page on the site they do vary from pratice to pratice

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