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Id like to see it aswell but with bullxs not hounds lab lol.

Be many a hound out there that could finish the job quicker than some bullx mate....😉

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Now I'm not against any form of control, I'm very open minded, if you shoot you shoot, if you run you run etc, but I do have a wee chuckle when I read a comment like yours, with hounds it's either de

No, lets keep your ethics here. So you think the better the rifle the better the marksman? I've got a relatively good air rifle mate, not a bad shot but like any shooter who has to deal with weather c




Listen, I'm not against fox hunting or using hounds.... Let's get that straight. I'd just rather not hunt them that way.

Baw, yes, you can maim an animal but that can come from many reasons but taking out that fox that got away from the dogs can be as efficient as the dogs only taking out the weak- that one would still have to kill to feed.

I know foxes bite to kill, they can be vile and wasteful creatures as I know from my friends chickens but at least it's only one fox than a pack of them. But what I've watched from (pro hunting) media, there's one clip that sticks in mind where he picks up a bloodied fur rag with a few scraggy bits of muscle and bone clinging to it, after the dogs having it.

Maybe it's not always the case but in that scenario it was, nothing from the news or anything like panorama, as I don't watch it.

Throw a shot fox to hounds you still end up with the same result a scraggy bit, it amazes me how people think that it is slow and painful unless shot, its over quicker Than you would think. Everything has a survival instinct now im not anti shooting in anyway I have mates whom shoot and i'll happily lamp for them but how do you seperate the strong from the weak from a scope?
I'm not saying it's possible to tell which one is weak or stronger but say for instance, I should recognise the fox that escaped the hounds in my scope and able to kill it. It's just as affective as sending hounds and horses after it?

Can you see what I mean?

At the end of the day, any fox killed is a beneficial feat, how you do it is up to the person who's hunting it :D

It's not called eradication it's called control. If a fox is fit enough to escape the hounds it deserves to get away. Not blasted to bits (see how the terminology works) by some gun hoe trophy hunter.

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Airgunners a re a special type of people.

Crawling about in the undergrowth dressed like a twig with their glorified spud gun because their boyfriend won't let them have a real gun or better still dogs.

I find it funny how naive some people supposed to be "hunters" can be. The comments made by som could be any copy and paste job fom an anti site.

Here's one for you Gskye I was out with a keeper a few years back who gut shot a fox (accidents happen even with the best shot and the best kit). We looked and looked by could not find the fox. As it happened a few days later we were going round checking earths. We found that fox more than half a mile away on the kickout of an earth with its puddings hanging out. You tell me that's more humane than a second with hounds after having ample opportunity to escape? I know which I would prefer.

What do you feel about terrierwork(digging), lurchers running fox, rabbit, hare, deer etc.


Your a poorly educated anti and ignorance is no excuse. A someone said earlier get out in the field and see it for yourself.


Absolute c**t. Ban him lol

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