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Dales Hunter

Retired Keepers/ Gun Dogs

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Hi. Just wondered if anyone was looking to rehome a working dog. Currently in a position where I could give a loving home to a dog to see his or her days out with. A friend suggested an ex keepers dog. Not sure if there's a call for rehoming dogs of this nature, but thought I'd looking into it! Would strictly be as a pet.



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:clapper: :clapper: :clapper: F**king good for you, mate! Nice one!


Ignore any dip stick who pops up, saying shit like ; " They're a working tool! Once they're worn out? Bullet! " I'd happily see my days out putting one into people like that. As soon as they reach pensionable age, frankly.


Got a 'Black Lab' here someone had kicked away. Spent £300.00 on taxi fares, just to make the eight hour round trip to fetch him from a pound.


Damn thing's simply never let me down. And he works, completely unbidden, like a natural born FTC. Just a pet though.


Niggy. The f**ker! He's looking at me! Knows I'm talking about him, look! :D


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Do you want a 3 legged blind lurcher ??


Pm Baw he has loads mate :thumbs:

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If your on Facebook mate add the gundogs for sale page seen a few retired gundogs for rehoming on there

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