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Hw100T Fac .22

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Hi Ben. Depending on the power output at FAC and the air cylinder size. You may not achieve 30 shots.


A service should only be needed as and when performance drops. Routine maintenance and cleaning should be more than enough.

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iv only ever had a springer but due to the crazy price of .223 ammo i was thinking or trading my centerfire in for a pcp,but im unsure what type id go for local gunshop has hw100t fac for 1100e and a bsa ultra for 450e second hand and a bsa r10 for 795e,id have to get a pump or dive bottle also,how reliable are the weihrauchs and bsa guns?bsa seem to be low quality from all the problems i find online.The weihrauch looks and feels great all reports i read are good but if you want to shoot targets you would be filling between 3 and maybe 5times which id say would get boring fast

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im in southern ireland pcps are few and far between down here as you need a licence for any airrifle no matter what the power,so most people go for 22lr rifles ect.its crazy you license a 12ftlb springer the same way as a .308,most shops have a few springers not many have pcps pumps or dive bottles

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id guess you would have pay up front for that im going to do a trade in so im not sure what way that would work,also you need import licenses and such.what pcps would you recommend for plinking and vermin moxy?anyone on here using a hw100t fac for plinking and vermin?is it a pain that the shot count is low?i was watching teds holdover on youtube with a .17 hw100 he was getting 30 shots per fill,but he found hat a lot of the 17 pellets would not stabilize in flight due to the high power of the rifle 30ftlb ithink. would the effect be the same using a 22lr 30ftlb rifle?

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.177 is no good at FAC. Perhaps up to 18ft/lb but certainly wouldn't be my preferred choice.

.20 maybe. But your limited for pellet choice and the hassle of trying to get hold of a rifle in your situation.

As I already suggested. Unless you can get hold of a rifle with a bottle your choices are going to be limited and the low shot count is something your going to have to consider.

Or just get a rimfire.

As for an airgun. You won't go wrong with the HW 100

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Patrick Carley Firearms in Wexford has a few PCP's in stock, might be worth a look.


I bought my HW100KT in .22 from Griffin Hawe in Kildare, they might have something in stock also.


They are expensive to buy initially but should be cheap shooting once you're up and running.


I'm still waiting on my license but hopefully it will be with me shortly, I went for a 300 Bar 7 litre cylinder with all the bits and bobs from Best Fittings, it came to €300 shipped.


Keep a lookout on the Shooting classifieds on Boards.ie or even throw up a wanted thread, PCP's pop up there from time to time!


I think the FAC HW100KT is around 26 ft lbs, I'll keep you posted on the shot count when I get it going.


All the best,



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i was looking at the hw100 in griffin and hawe aswell,thats where i seen the most airrifles,i allready have a 22lr a 223 and a shotty but i wanted get something for cheap shooting,500pellets for 8e is alot of fun shooting cheap,the 223 ammo is gone to near 30e a box of 20 so ya cant go out shooting 100 rounds and 500 22lr is gone up to 35e for cheapest most innaccurate stuff you can buy, good 22lr ammos about 50-60e for 500.i was thinking to get the hw100t with a pump and just top up after 30-40 shots.

i just want something i can shoot cheap rather than a safe queen that only gets out once amonth cause ammos to expensive

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A decent pump isn't that cheap imho, better off with a cylinder as long as you can get it charged locally.


I agree, Hunters/Shooters are treated very poorly in Ireland, its a shame.


I was in the same boat and traded my T3 Tactical for the PCP.

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