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If you find that you are not shooting as well as you normally do and on the basis that the gun fits you might consider having the chokes opened out to perhaps improved cylinder and a quarter. This might be better for woodcock/rough shooting.

If you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining 16 bore cartridges try the Just Cartridges web site.

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16 bores were allway classed along with 20 bores ladys guns or young gentle mens guns ideal for woodcock and snipe. Easy to handel the only problem with the old english sbs the were usualy tailored to who ever had them made so its a matter if it fits or adapting but. Good sport can be had

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My friend uses a Berretta Ultralite in 12bore for woodcock shooting and he finds it a good gun, nice and light. Before he had a fabarm 20bore. He finds the Berretta has a better range on it (obviously 12bore). I use a Merkel 12bore side by side for the woodcock.

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