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    • By steg
      Neighbour's got piles of soil, rubble, broken slabs etc behind his shed and the rats are loving it. They been coming in under his fence and through into mine behind my shed. Shot maybe a dozen in last 6 months with airgun but just not got the time for that so ordered a couple of mark4's. And with the helpful posts of you gents on here.. First one yesterday.


    • By Sonny Sixkiller
      This is OUELL RM trap.  Used for muskrats...nethertheless, it has proven itself highly effective in the dispatch of grey squirrels.  These photo are of the RM set with the safety on.  It is shown without it's artificial cedar tunnel.

    • By Sonny Sixkiller
      This trap was introduced by Jordan Budenski around 2014.  Extremely powerful trap... I put rubber bumpers at the end of the channels to protect the kill bar from damaging the metal.  The only down side there is not a saftey.  First known as a the Rat Cracker... now called a Rodent Tank.  In some circles, it is referred to as a "Hell Box".  

    • By Sonny Sixkiller
      Ouell has risen the bar.  411 is equally effective in the destruction of grey squirrels, weasels, stoats, rats and similar vermin.  Strong construction, galvanized, very light and easy to set.  It will kill outright.  Officially approved... Certifié Québec.  If approved by UK standards, 411 would compete against Kania 2000 and Elgeeco's Procull in reducing the UK's grey squirrel population.

    • By GruffaloGriff
      Few signs of rats around the garden compost.....in past years have put out poison but gets expensive and don't like the thought of what else may get a hold of the poison. So after looking on here bought a couple of Fenn traps and made up a box to put them in. Strap hinges, handle and catch made from an old seat-belt.
      It works a treat...got this monster today.