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    • By Sonny Sixkiller
      Ouell has risen the bar.  411 is equally effective in the destruction of grey squirrels, weasels, stoats, rats and similar vermin.  Strong construction, galvanized, very light and easy to set.  It will kill outright.  Officially approved... Certifié Québec.  If approved by UK standards, 411 would compete against Kania 2000 and Elgeeco's Procull in reducing the UK's grey squirrel population.

    • By GruffaloGriff
      Few signs of rats around the garden compost.....in past years have put out poison but gets expensive and don't like the thought of what else may get a hold of the poison. So after looking on here bought a couple of Fenn traps and made up a box to put them in. Strap hinges, handle and catch made from an old seat-belt.
      It works a treat...got this monster today.

    • By Tomdhu
      Not having done my home work properly, I inadvertantly bought a fake Fenn Mk4 from someone in the Midlands. This guy turns out to be a regular trickster with the way he markets his fake Fenn traps. He calls them Fens or Fen/Springer.
      Anyway, the first thing I noticed was that the spring was nowhere near as strong as the real Fenn. So I tried it out over time and the fake made some kills but also some escapes.
      Here is a video of the fake in action followed by the real Fenn Mark 4.
      Have any of you had a similar experience?
    • By Plank
      I've got an orchard with several chicken pens in, and some rats. I've been trying to trap them with two mk6 Springers in separate run-through tunnels. I've placed the tunnels over rat runs and bait them with pig pellets, the trigger plates I smear with peanut butter. While I've successfully caught larger rats there are also young part-grown rats which I believe have started robbing the traps without triggering them. I've read on here that you can put peanut butter under the triggers to make it more likely for the traps to go off but it doesn't seem to be working. I am spending time on each trap trying to set it as finely as possible by carefully depressing the plate to just before the trigger point, but I am still not catching.
      Are there any other tips for making a young rat more likely to trigger the trap?
      Are there any other tips for making a Springer more sensitive?
      Would 'Bodygrip' traps be more likely to catch young rats than a Springer?
      Is there a difference in sensitivity between Mk6 and MK4?
    • By patdahat
      Iv got a little matter to take care of this week and i need some HELP, there is an old silage pit that is been taken out in a week or so by track machine and at the minute is home to a lot of rats. For the last 4 days i have 8 cage traps set with absolutly nothing caught using soaked dog nuts as bait, i have caught them before not a problem using the same nuts but as of late they seem to take no notice, now what i intend to do is get 8 reciepies and ill put 1 in each of the traps and see which one works best. ill get pics up tomorrow of the cage's and the area i will be trapping so if you think you have the perfect method ill try it out and will keep it updated daily.
      once i get the pics up id like to know if the trap should be covered over to make a tunnel effect?, should i cover the floor of the trap with earth/sand? etc.
      they must be lightened off before the machinery move in to stop them re homing in the building's around.
      cheers pat....