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How Important Are Kc Papers

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I agree there's no harm in papers,

And as you say may help with breeding within a line,but you can have a pedigree without kennel club registration,just take a look at some working terriers and coursing dogs lines go back generations

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Papers good for wrapping chips in bud, physical soundness ,good temperament, working ability is what counts imo.

More fool you for thinking those papers mean your not buying shite, they paper work is no guarantee that the dog you buy is what the paperwork says it is

Papers mean shit   Best spaniel I have ever owned cost £145 from a farm and the only paper he came with was the daily record he`d been pissing on in his box

paper work means nothink people who think otherwise is pratts my gran bought a pup with papers turned out to be a sprollie there are genuine people out there but because u have paperwork doesn't mean its any good. u put the work in and aslong as your happy .why not breed off her . atb

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All depends what you want the dog for. If you want to trial or do working tests you need papers, if you just want a dog to beat or a peg dog no they don't matter. I'd say most people want papers than don't, it's all to the individual. I get papers can be falsified but if you buy from a respectable and well known person the chances are less likely but I'm sure it still goes on.

For me I want papers as I can see what the history is like and how trainable the dog should be although it's not 100% by any means.

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KC reg all the way, if you have a really good Cocker/Springer/ Lab dog and want to find a nice bitch to put him across you'll struggle to find one. Cockers are one of the most popular gundog breeds at moment, so why are two unregistered pups for sale on pigeon watch getting no interest?

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Could be any amount of reasons, not least the time of year etc.

KC paperwork is no guarantee of anything and certainly not working ability.

Paperwork can and is fabricated on many occasions, if you believe different then I assume you still believe in santa.

There's even a disclaimer at the bottom of every kc certificate, stating the kc don't guarantee the authenticity of the certificate, they are registering purely what the breeder tells them and there are some right dodgy breeders out there.

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