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1St Build Complete

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Nice build natron, I'm still enjoying mine. Think I need to upgrade my t-20 it's battery life is very limited.


What battery are you using Pete?.....only if it's a cheapy one you'll probably find the mah rating is no where near what's written on it.

Someone has posted pics on nvfuk forum showing a cheap 18650 battery dismantled only to find one of those small lithium batteries inside (cr 123?) what a con.

It pays to buy decent batteries for an oslon based ir torch to get the best out of it........or go 12v.


To be fair it is a cheapy- it's the one that came with the torch. I have robbed some from an old laptop I had that were a little better. Just need to stop being tight and by a new battery and a better 12v one rather than the chinky one.

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