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How long would the battery last you on average hardcore hunting?

ive never run mine out im using the 170 atm n been out 6 hrs lamping and still come back with life in it mate there a must have piece of kit mate for proper sessions

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How long would the battery last you on average hardcore hunting?

i would get about two nights lamping out of it the indicator lights on the battery are a good job letting you know how much is left in It. the battery is meant to give you 2 hours 10 min of constant light on a 100w bulb . Edited by hard core hunting
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i use the i70 striker hid model with the 22amp lithium its a bit pricey at £250 quid but worth every penny works with a 35 watt xenon bulb ballast in the bottom looks like a cordless drill lol but light weight and you can screw the blitz head straight on good bit of kit makes the ordinary 170 look like a torch been out last night for about 6 hours and still plenty juice in the battery only draws 3amp or thereabouts

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