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Thinking Could Be An Earley End

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Still got lots of places to get around. . . . and a lot not until after the shooting season. . . .so feb is the month.


Don't worry The One. . . . when we pack up down here, we just keep heading North and higher up the mountains. . . . .


Aye. . . that's your way :tongue2:

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Same here usually chasing our tail till April they where a bit slow today and i thought they where pairing up but it was just big deep old burrows and got nice numbers at the close of play and it looks like its going to be frosty tonight so that should help

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Lucky you, I had to dig the f****r out :laugh:


Think almost as many were dug as bolted. It's not so bad though, you ferret the set, mark the kills, and leave a man behind to do the recovery work, while you move on. . . . and today, we tended to ferret multiple sets at once, bolt everything we could then mark and dig out the kills while the next lot were being netted. . . .


. . . where there's a will there's a way!

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Wasn't to bad today one dig at a grave yard upset a couple of folk then the next burrow was on both sides of the cemetery wall i walked past that one :laugh::laugh::laugh: .Must be getting old dont want too upset too many folk for a humble rabbit

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I reckon 40% were dug today, something like that anyway. . . . ranging from 3 - 5 feet. Either soft as shit, so it was collapsing in on itself, or digging through stones and hard core. . . . .joy! Still, we filled the boot, and it's better than sitting in doors.

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No it was a easy day today one dig a 3 footer at that mini me gabbed a couple of rabbits in the burrow mouth with a ferret draped around them still hit the high twentys and home before dark so no complaints , back working there tommorrow so see whats been said if there where any complaints . . Its getting that hot bath and a nice drink at the end of day is the best part of the day :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


Still i like ferreting and lamping my work as i dont think it affects what we do at the farms :hmm:

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That's not bad mate. We're clearing an area of farm land, and to be fair, it was beautiful scenery in the sunshine. . . .so silver linings and all that. But a frosty, sunny day would have been better. At least it wasn't raining . . . . again! Did get bit though and so did the dog :laugh::cray:


Always nice to have a change of scenery, woodland, farmland, gardens, industrial places etc etc. Breaks it up. Couldn't do hedge rows every day. . . . it'd make me cry.

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Thing is if i get a young rabbit i will kill it pop it in a poly bag freeze it and keep them altogether in the freezer there just the right size for the hobs when there separated threw the summer saves quartering a big rabbit

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Feck the snow jia,,, can do well without that,,,we want a mild end to the winter and a good spring and summer,,, let's the rabbit number get up,,, last few times out,, the spade had hardly been used,, used once today,,,, broke through less than 1 foot,,,


No pregnant does for us today....thankfully ,,see what wed and Thursday bring

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