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Thinking Could Be An Earley End

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We have plenty of pregnant does and everywhere has a hint of mixy in the odd rabbit I'm thinking a full weekend next weekend as the official last trip and just play it by ear n just see how it goes after that, shame thats its not even Feb yet, just means I'll have to fill the dive bottle up for the air rifle, every cloud has a silver lining and all that

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Been out lamping Friday night and out ferreting today one pregnant doe among them , its no nice but i wont be stopping till end of April them swing over to trapping the bits i never ferreted

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Was stood in the sun today, ferreting in shirt sleeves. . . . coat and jumper abandoned. . . watching the animals pairing up, and the buds starting to show. . . .


And every doe was pregnant. . . . and most had to be dug out. . . . not wanting to bolt


What the f**k happened to winter? We never had it.


Too warm and too much cover to start till November and and an ending in January.


Lets pray for snow.. . . .


We will still soldier on, until it becomes impossible due to nests and young. And then we will lamp them instead. . . .

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When you southern boys pack in we Scots maybe have three weeks left and another week on the higher ground , But i dont think guys will be complaining of rabbits breeding most where struggling to get a few this season

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