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Anyone Rate A Pump Action For Wildfowling And Pigeons?

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Think the big thing about pump's is the great reliability you get from them and the choice of cartidge you could poke through them but with semi's rapidily catching up on size and loads of cartridge it will take and the reliability of the gas systems getting much better, I don't see much reason for them anymore....


Friend of mine bought a beat up old three shot pump off the estate he works on as he enjoyed shooting it and they were getting rid of it.

As an Estate gun it had been beat about no end and had thousands and thousands of cartridges put through it. It was always the first gun most would pick up if you were heading out on the quad. It would get thrown in the back box with an assortment of cartridges for pest control, was rarely cleaned and was sod all to look at but it would cycle any cartridge, all the time.

Only thing to go on it was firing pins. It even had a twistable bit on the end of the barrel to change the choke. I couldn't get on with it but never really used it that much.

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