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Ferret/ Dogs Stolen? Read This

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Just shows how easy it is to be taken in by people on the forums,,, I'm an easy going chap and could proberbly be an easy target,, cos I usually try to see the good in folk,,, but this reminds me to h

the trouble is its easy to steal off your own most hunting lads welcome other hunting lads into their circle not to necasserally take them out but to have a chat and a bit of banter all it takes is

I must be older than I thought as I remember a time you could trust fellow fieldsport's men with your life let alone your stock.   very sad if its proven they stole off their own (fellow hunters)

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4th page and still no pics :hmm: .........as has been said, pics up, named and shamed...........no pals, no shows etc, theres seems to be a few guys that know these folks, let the whole hunting world see who they are and i'd bet their interest in all things doggy and ferrety would be gone fairly quick

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thieving b*****ds , its going to get to the point where there are no hunting write ups on the site or pictures etc , couple of weeks ago sf starts a thread because hes over the moon with his dog then some kunt takes it , a week later theres a thief on the site that's been thieving ferrets ffs :censored:

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Bloody good news, lets make sure that everyone keeps the outcome of the case VERY VERY public.


I think people should know it wasn't just the one incident, ferrets had been getting lifted all over that part of the south last year.

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I'd agree with that Sirius, it needs to be constantly 'up' on the boards on here.

Though like Paulus and others, i'm finding it strange why they have gone to such lengths to steal ferrets. I could see a dirty opportunist wanting to get his hands on some pugs because he's decided ferreting is for him (for the next 5 mins!) but I can't get my head round numerous thefts, when you could be 'given' any amount of freebee's in July and keep 'em with ease through the year to do as you see fit (???). The only thing I see as a reason would be a problem between the scum and with the owners of the animals taken?

Either way, if they have been nicked, let justice commence...

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stealing ferrets ffs .I must be right out of touch , seem to remember they were a couple of quid each !! or give away. ..



seems a big risk to steal ferrets when you could end up in a wheelchair for the trouble ..

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why is this member still allowed to be on here if hes a thieving scumbag whos pinching peoples ferrets?

Firstly, we can't ban anyone with a criminal record. This is an internet forum, not a playgroup! If we banned everyone with a criminal record there would be quite a few members gone...


Secondly, as much as the evidence seems damning, he hasn't actually been convicted yet. We have a justice system in this country; it may not be perfect, but we should let it take it's course.


Personally, I'd rather leave him here to answer his critics. What's the old saying? "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."


Crimes involving the theft of peoples animals are about as low as it gets in my opinion, and I hope these scumbags get what's coming to them one way or another.

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