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If Anyone Remember My Pup Who Lost Her Eye At 12 Weeks Old

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To be fair mate, I don't see losing an eye as big a disability for the dog than the guy who took on that lurcher with the docked tail. I'd like to see how it done. Dogs like all hunting animals have eyes on the front of their face unlike prey who have the eyes on the side. So I'd imagine a dog would adapt and cope well.

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She never shown any signs of it affecting her, I think with it being at such a young age she's learnt to live with it, if you didn't know you would never tell.


Strong looking pup mate. How she bred?

Sire is collie x grey and Dam is colliexgrey/deerxgrey
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Formby if i'm not mistaken..? :hmm:


Well done you for sticking by your pup, losing it at such an early age should see the dog adapt well, bags of fun to be had with her in a place like that. :yes:

There are a few of us on here with one eyed mutts and we all get 'em out and do a bit. :thumbs:

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Yeah Formby it is, you can have a good walk there and just stay out the main places and you won't see another soul for hours and it's only 15 minutes in the van, I take her in the middle of the day while she's still young so she doesn't see too much but the whole place is basically a giant warren haha it's nice to have something like that local haha

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years ago my mate had a whippet greyhound with one eye, but that didn't stop it nailing thousands of rabbits over its lifetime during the daytime and lamping, to be fair it was easily as good as a good dog with two good eyes, and better than most, all the best with your dog mate

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