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60 Odd Mph Winds = A Lot Of Hassle With The Nets!

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well with winds gusting to over 60mph on the coat i..in my wisdom decided to have a gander with the nets ive just put a new pocket on my coat so wanted to give than a try

the nets are 4x nylon and 40-50 m long so have over 100% bag ( not good in this wind!)

i like to wear my pegs round my waist so i can unclip them when i need to



the drop is very very heily light poliuted by seller field nuclear plant so its almost a blind drop and the rabbits sit in a dip about 100m out into the field, the first net is set along a lane that has a 8ft steep bank on one side and a 100ft bank just as steep on the other to the railway line



this net had nowt in it. and that was a surprise, but nothing is a given in long netting! now the nets were lain end ot end thru a gateway and on 45% to the first net following the back of the hedge thru a gate (the net is fed thru the gap in the gate and strainer post)

it was a hell of a struggle putting thease two nets out as the bag was tight up against the pegs! well i had come this far why give up now!

so i hoped the hedge and flicked the light on exspecting nothing to be out in this wild crap

but a good bunch of maybe 12-15 rabbits went for the hedge a lot passed to far up and missed the nets but a few went over the bank and into the direction of the webs











its odd the rabbits tonight seemed to go in pairs? this happens a lot with me, any one else? any how all necked and picking the nets up took over a hour when it normaly takes 10 mins, all the bages blown to hell and twisted round the lines so i just picked them up and ile sort them out in the daylight..

end result 7 big ones and half grown one i let go to gain a bit of size



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Well done PK,just shows they still get out to feed even on the roughest of nights. Smithie and i have been out in some horrific weather and still caught... I think a little trip up the dales is in order tonight.


Edited to ad ... sent you a pm regarding pics :thumbs:.

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Nice post. Stooping low and keeping net as close to ground as possible helps setting in high winds. I have set many many times in gales with success, one memorable night some years ago on ******** estate the wind was so strong that it blew a fully grown beech tree down right over a set net, it was lucky no-one was seriously hurt as it dropped inches from my partner waiting on the net while I beated up, it would have crushed and killed him if he had been directly underneath it, despite this ten rabbits were still caught in that set (two nets), the tree fell right on top of net making it difficult to retrieve, we had to dig underneath the trunk to free net. The hardest task in high winds is picking up nets good enough to allow them to be used for a second drop but it can be done by two people keeping close together. That particular night that net was retrieved with some difficulty.

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yeh gents i was on my own. it was testing and the nets have to be sorted out in the daylight tomorrow. this was the first time i done this drop so i now know where to put the nets for a better catch, thats why i flicked the lamp on to se where they ran to. i should have got the full lot but missed a load. like i say that wind was very chalangeing!

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