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Bit Of Advice Wanted On First Lurcher Pup Or Pre Owned

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I go out regular with a few of my mates lamping with the dogs and do a fair bit or ferreting and long netting, I'm wanting my own lurcher and before we discuss which x etc to go for do I buy a pup and train my self or do I buy a dog someone else has put effort into and hasn't got the time for etc (these dogs need homes too) I know there's going to be some undesirables trying to sell dogs that are no good etc but this aside and just thinking about genuine sellers what' would fellow dog men and women on here advice please jack


Ps all my mates have trained there pups and brought them on them selves but a couple also have dogs they have taken on, and can honestly say there no difference in the quality of the work in any of the dogs.... I understand there's no feeling like working a dog you've trained a raised but I'm not bothered about bragging rights, thankyou in advance

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I'd definitely go for a pup, your mates have maybe got lucky getting pre-owned dogs but you might just end up with a whole lot of problems.


Where in Cheshire are you, if your not too far away then give me a shout and I might be able to give you some pointers in the right direction.

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pup every time. yes sometimes a good "made" dog comes up for grabs but usually they are snapped up by friends. and occasionally a dog and its owner just dont get on, but it settles and works with a different owner, but again this is very rare and to be honest (no disrespect) but it usually takes a skilled experienced dog trainer to put right a dog which hasnt got on elsewhere.

get a pup, spend every miute you can with it and train it as best you can and it will give you years of pleasure and pride.

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If you've seen plenty of different types working and you say lamping is your main discipline in open areas then, choose anything that takes your fancy mate. other lads have different opinions but its what "you" like. Certain breeding does give you something different ie, speed, brains, feet, etc etc. but I've seen plenty of different breeding excel or be shit, or visa versa. most of it, is how you bring that pup on.

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