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Hi there im new to the shooting world,ive done a few lessons on clay shoot and lokking at getting into it,my dads been shooting for a fair few years!im just in the process of applying for my shotgun licence and need some advice on what type of guns to look for?Im looking around to spend around the 300 mark and would prefer a over and under 20g as I dont like heavy guns!any advice would be great!

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I'm sure many others will also come on and tell you that the most important factor is how the gun fits you rather than the brand or cost. I've got a Lanber that fits me like a glove and it feels so comfortable that I wouldn't replace it with guns ten times the cost.


Crucial thing is to get out to the shops and try them for fit and how they feel in your hand.


Get on GunTrader to find ones available in your local area (and a list of dealers) and that should give you an indication of what you could get for your budget, but please don't be blinded by brands or shiny barrels, it means bugger all. If it doesn't fit properly you won't be hitting much at all.


Happy shopping!

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^^ ditto ^^ I was looking for a cheapie first Shotty but couldnt get one that felt comfortable and i could hit a door with, had to spend a little more (in my case anyway) to get one that i can shoot quite well with.

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