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Young Rough Dog

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went out today got 1 bit of a run in a very tight field young dog ran well but lost his long ear he was lying up a while so went for a walk with him only seen the one long ear he ran it well but lost him on a lane out through a gate I am very happy with him young max



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i have a short clip of him running today in tight rushy land i try get it up,yeah ballyboy he ran well on tough long ears on seed lads are sound will try there best get you runs fair lads louth tiger and tommy m

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I plenty line up for you lads round Christmas long ears at there best he now flying it that time year test them all

hares flying 2 day,had some nice runs on peat heavy land.some of the best runs i have ever see in ireland ,caught none but had a great day with t.c an big e. :thumbs:

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there moveing now flying meet one on seed today think he was doing 120

lol 120 they can shift up that part tiger we get up to ya soon whenever jimmy10 is ready to rumble :laugh: billy the kid is counting down the days :laugh::laugh:

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