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Hey guys had abit of a shock this morning had my patt dog out he's 4yrs old fit as a fiddle never had any problem with him all of a sudden he went stiff as a board eyes rolled in his head I picked him up and led him down after about 5mins he came round and was fine like nothing had happened he's been fine since... Rang my vet and he said keep an eye on him any problem call him but sounds like a fit... Anyone know what could be the problem? If he does it again il have him scanned and blood tested.

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sounds like fitting ive had a couple do it on occassion seem to come on when the dogs jee,d up hypa if you know what i mean,i know theres tablets from vets meant to prevent it but im not a fan of pumping a dog with tablets long term...if its a digging dog it poses a problem for obvious reasons

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My Patterdale bitch does this every now & then she is 4 years old, look likes its hereditary as her dam also did this but continued to work well. It's possibly due to them being too closely bred as once someone gets a good digging line they tend to keep the gene pool close to produce more workers, unfortunately some of them carry this fault. Out of interest what area did the dog come from?

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Of course without running bloodwork to check his phenobarb levels I couldn't say for sure, but it sounds like he had a seizure and could be epileptic. We have an older Catahoula hog dog here, that ONLY has episodes when she's out working. Never happens while sitting up in her pen. "Stress" induced we believe. By stress I mean elevated blood pressure as when working.....


If it's not reoccurring, and/or you don't plan on working him anymore, meds wouldn't be nessecary, but if you did plan on continuing to work him, he would need to be on daily oral meds. Over here we use Phenobarbitol dosed appropriately.

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