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What Is Your Favourite Brand Of Knife ?

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My favourite is by Davy Moore (http://www.mooreireland.com/about.html). Not expensive as they last for years with a small bit of looking after. And if I was going to get a new knife, I would only wish to get a new Moore knife but due to ill health, it seems there will be no more new knives made by Davy. Just as well the one I have now will last me for decades to come I hope.

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I got 2 mora knifes brought back from Sweden when I was in keepering college I've hammered them and they still take an edge, I've had fancy knifes buck etc if I was going to buy a lock back it would be a gerber but for now I'm just using cheap knifes like Paulus says the mora clipper knifes like that are bang on razor sharp take a good edge cost fuckall around a 10er, if you lose it on the hill or whatever it's not the end of the world.

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I've been using a TBS bushcraft style folder this season. A nice handful of a folder with O2 steel and lovely birch handle. You need to look after the steel but by god is is sharp. The thumb stud makes it a piece of cake to deploy the blade when needed and solid lock up from the liner lock. A bit big for tight work, but if need a solid pocket knife that you can rely on and capable of all but the heaviest of tasks, I suggest you have a look

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Helle for fixed blade, got quite a few now as they're just quality in every way.


Gerber (BSA ltd ed) is my only folding I got free with my rifle. Really good sharp knives and it's a shame everyone symbolises them with BG now :-/

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