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The things men have to do to stop scum bags stealing their fowl is unbelieveable !   And the travellers wonder why we all treat them like vampires , .....

I can't see the point in buying in a wooden shed and then building walls around it ... That makes no sense whatsoever and will cost you double the amount ... Just build a block shed and panel it out i

You will need to get planning permission unless you just say nothing and hope for the best ... Depends how overlooked you are and what your neighbours are like ... You will need to line inside if your building a single skin you can use king span ... Polystyrene or plasterboard dot and dabbed and also create a false ceiling so that you can insulate that to ..... My inside pens for the dogs are welded steel pens ........



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ok mate just one more thing because you seem to know your stuff about this - if I bought a wood shed - instead of using brick around it (which was my original idea) what about metal fences for security? so nothing can get through it, I mean heavy duty metal fences all the way around.



Thanks before hand

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I know there are many travellers on this site some good people and some not. out of all the travellers I know of there is only 2 lads I will ever trust because they are proper chicken men and that was only out of luck because when I first started with chickens they came and knocked on my door, I was a newbie then and had no idea of people stealing chickens so got to know them through the years and they are good people - but if it was now and they came to look they would still be shown the way out I will never give anyone knocking on the door time of day

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aseel shamo my only advice would be ( on topic ) try and include as much natural light as possible and ventilation, also I wouldn't

concrete the floor were the birds will be individually penned , putting soil down even 3ft on concrete is no good , natural earth.

( off topic ) yea the chicken thief may well come in a transit van Knocking on the door, but he is more likely to come in the

form of a "friend" or friend of a friend , decent bloke he's sound I can vouch for him. he's into the birds, he only wants a look

etc etc etc. its all to well guys blowing up on here about people not naming or shameing thiefs. but when they do close

ranks and shroud it all in mystery... good luck in the future young un :victory:

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Bloody hell; a simple thread about the best way of building a chicken shed turns into world war three......


Locked while I have a clean up and dish out some warnings.....





All non-shed posts now removed.


Keep it on track please, and keep abuse, text talk and general foolishness off the forum.

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