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Mr Muddy

Coumatetralyl Rat Poison.

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Coumatetralyl bait.


It’s being sold in the UK as Romax Rat CP. It is supposed to reduce the risk of secondary poisoning (so it won’t kill cats, buzzards, that sort of thing).


Has anyone tried this?


Is it any good?

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It was.


Control can take longer, if at all, because of the resistance to 1st generation anti coagulants. Secondary poisoning will always be an issue.


If secondary poisoning is something you're concerned about consider a trapping program. It will take much longer than baits, and it will be far more labour intensive, but at least you'll avoid the poisoning concerns.

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cleared a big infestation of rats on a pig farm with this poison.


Got nothing negative to say about it

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I have used Romax Rat for several years, it works very well on the whole.


Secondary poisoning is an absolutely minimal risk to cats/dogs/people/etc from any approved poison used correctly as their LD 50 is generally so much higher than in rats and mice!


I have never used Romax Rat because of any concern for secondary poisoning, I use it because it works better on that given site than more common Bromadiolone/Defenacoum/Brodifacoum/etc baits, invariably because of resistance.

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