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Outlaw Pete

Bird Gel And Crows

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lol, I gave up last night! looks like others were having the same problem!


Anyone used the bird free gel to repel crows, got 2 hitting some house windows, guess they have seen their reflection a couple of times and are now obsessed with the place.

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Nice one :) I'd imagine, crows being as clever as they are, they'd see fire and keep the living f**k out of Dodge, wouldn't they?


Crazy how that stuff seems to function, for a birds eyes.

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A neighbour of mine had them smashing themselves silly on his office windows earlier in the year,blood and feathers everywhere on a daily basis,he used a ,22 pellet chucker to sort it though.

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I have used it once for Crows on a large sky light, the crows were pecking at their reflections and damaging the window rubbers causing them to leak.


Netting was out of the question and shooting wasn't an option, I spoke to Nigel Battern at KG and he thought that the Bird Free would work, and it did!

I felt a bit stupid telling the client (A company directory of a very large national chain) that the birds would think the window was on fire, and no longer return. But after the client researched the product he was willing to give it a try, within 48 hours they had stopped.

Its been about 18 months since installing and it is still working.

I gave a 2 year guarantee so will be due to re-fill the pots in April.


It is well worth a try

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I have only ever had cause to use it on one site, about 2.5 years ago I had a site plagued with Pigeon, we had netted, spiked, wired, proofed, trapped and shot, (even considered getting in the Birds of Prey) but it seems like a non stop job.


I had heard of the Fire Gel before but never seen or used it, got some in and gave it a try and it definitely worked.


Still have a Pigeon issue on the site but it is now managed/controlled to a satisfactory level.


No idea about Crows but from responses above it seems to work for them.

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