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Help Identifying Mushrooms Please

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Hi would anyone care to comment on the names of these mushrooms please, the first ones were found under a wild apple tree near the coast in forrestry ,pembrey, llanelli, the others were found nearby but not near the apple tree, thanks for any help and advice , there are two pics of 3 types of mushroom, the last ones I think or eating mushrooms ,the first look good but the middle ones in particular, I am unsure ofpost-46903-0-80392200-1383734052.jpgpost-46903-0-81200400-1383734519.jpgpost-46903-0-19250900-1383734759.jpgpost-46903-0-67162400-1383734790.jpgpost-46903-0-69352500-1383734812.jpgpost-46903-0-55341100-1383734831.jpg

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There is an old rhyme about mushrooms , hope this helps .         If you find them by a river , be prepared to lose your liver If you find them on the green , be prepared to lose your spleen If

dont mess with mushrooms unless your 100% sure! you shouldnt even be picking them mate if your unsure they can do yopu ALOT of harm. atb stay safe

THIS IS JUST A GUESS FROM A GRAINY PHOTO ON AN IPHONE, DO NOT EAT THEM.   The first one, does it have 'teeth' on the underside of the cap rather than gills? If so very possibly 'urchin of the woods

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I always thought 'poisonous mushrooms' meant 'make you a bit poorly' or 'give you bad guts for a couple of days', that kind of thing...............................

Only recently, I found out it actually means ' die in agony, with no known antidote' !! :shok:


In the name of all that's holy, be careful Steve !!

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thanks for concern, ive looked at loads of pics online but still unsure, really need an expert, even with a book I could mis interpret the pictures, I was hoping for an expert fungi guy to come on and tell me what they were lol ,cheers steve

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