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Ida Coyote Coursing Season 2013-14

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Here are some Bull Stags that UpHill just had out of T and Hoss. Both have a few hundred coyotes under them and I haven't seen a bitch that is tougher than her that can run some....Pups from this breeding should be starting this time in next year.


Hoss and T










should make good yote dogs them stunt , send me dog pup over I find it something it can work bit of steam of with lol

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We started a little slow this year catching one here one there, but picked up the slack yesterday and caught 4. I picked up a and new female during the summer and got her on two and she didn't disappo

December 6th , 2013     Words from Uphill- Steve Thomas passed away today. He was in the end stages of cancer. He knew he had a very short time left, but never complained and only asked th

i suppose the dogs are there to be tested ...running em to ground then shooting them aint testing them imo. Granted its frowned upon over here but its probably the done thing over there. No different

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Had a rough day yesterday well mostly for the Honey Badger. It broke down a few times once in hot pursuit. We got stranded on in the desert and Mc Hammer came and got us after a few hours. Saw four but never got the mutts down. If you look at the ground where HH is sitting its pretty rough on a a Stags feet.



Look out for this pupnext year , she might be something.



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